Welcome to Puggle World!  The place where Puggle Lovers and those of like mind gather to discuss and learn about their favorite breed of dog – The Puggle!

We are not just another site about Puggles!

If you look around, there aren’t that many sites dedicated to this very special breed.  In fact, after doing a Google Search, I only found two other sites that were fully dedicated to the puggle.

While some folks look at the Puggle and see just another dog, We see a very special breed.  One with personality, attitude and a unique combination of traits and qualities that one usually does find in a dog.    The Puggle is the result of pairing a male Pug with a female Beagle.  Both of these breeds are fairly intelligent,pretty strong willed and very loving.  So usually you will find that a Puggle has all three of these qualities.

Our Puggle

Ditto and JM

My wife and I are proud owners of an adorable 12 year old puggle named Ditto.  My daughter has a wonderful fir baby named Deisel.  Plus we have friends all over the country and the world that also are very proud owners of these fabulous loving creatures.

Anyone that has ever owned or known a puggle knows what sweet gentle loving pets they are.  It’s hard not to fall in love with them.   And in return, they will fall in love with you.  

In fact, I think the only thing our Puggle loves more than us is food!  But the subject of Puggles and food is a whole subject unto itself that we muse about on other pages and posts on this site.

The most interesting thing about puggles is how I have never known any two that were were the same, but I also have never seen any two that were not an awful lot alike.  

So, please, take a look around!  Come back often to see what new content we have added and offer up your own thoughts, ideas and comments.  All are welcome!

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