About Ditto

Ditto is the epitome of what virtually every puggle aspires to be:  The center of attention, a cuddle bug, sometimes lazy, always hungry  and occasionally a totally self absorbed dog that has his owners wrapped around his cute little paws.

Ditto lives a relatively simple life.  He recently lost his best friend Babe, a 12 year old mixed breed that we rescued from a local SPCA.  Even though Babe was not a puggle, she had picked up a more than a few of Ditto’s habits.  Babe was a great friend, and we all miss her terribly. 

Ditto also has a cousin named Deisel, though we call hime Deezie Dukes or Dweezil.  Deisel lives just outside of Pittsburgh with his human family, Tom and Kayty and their two sons, Aaron and Thomas.  While Desel is every bit a Puggle (actually 3/4 Beagle and one1/4 Pug, he has a tendency to be a little bit more rambunctious than Ditto.  When Ditto and Deisel get together, they both love on each other and hang out.  But that is another story altogether.   

Many Puggle owners tell me that their dog is a bundle of energy, jumping & barking and always full of piss and vinegar.  Not Ditto.  He is probably the most laid back Puggle of all time.  Except of course, when it’s time to eat.  

Ditto Dancing

The Ditto Dance!

Then he goes into his happy dance!

Anyway, please take a look around at our offerings.  We hope you get some enjoyment and some useful information about this lovable combination of Pug and Beagle that has become known as the Puggle!



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