Facebook Puggle Resuce


Puggles are such a sweet breed that is is hard to understand how any puggle could end up in a shelter.  Yet, unfortunately, whenever humans are involved, there can be some kind of issue where the unlucky dog ends up needing a new home.  Rarely, is it the dog’s fault.  I know that sometimes you can have an aggressive dog, or one that doesn’t get along well with children, or any of the other host of excuses, but this is very rare with a puggle.  Puggles are just to sweet and loving!

Fortunately, there are places where folks can go to rescue a puggle and give him or her the loving home they all deserve.

One such place is on Facebook.  So if you are thinking of getting a (or why not another!) puggle, We hope you will consider one of the unfortunate ones listed on Facebook.  Often you can get your rescue for much less money than you would spend for a puppy.  Sometimes, they already have their shots.  And always you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you may very well have saved a very grateful dogs life.

Remember, if there isn’t a puggle near by listed on the Facebook page, there is probably a local puggle rescue in your area.  Search it out through Google, and you may very well find your next wonderful fur baby!