Puggle Health

The Healthy Puggle

Puggles are generally very healthy pets, but are known to have a few minor health issues.  With a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years, they are known to have an average life expectancy for a canine of this size. 

Most Puggles are food addicts. Given the opportunity, they will try to make you feel like they are being starved. They will try to guilt you into treats, table scraps or anything that they can get.  If you are fooled into their little rouse, you can easily run the risk of having a Puggle that is overweight.  Don’t despair however, It is just their nature, and a little discipline will help you win the battle.

cherry eye

Cherry Eye

Another condition common to the Puggle is called “cherry eye”.  This condition if caught early, can be treated by carefully massaging the affected membraine.  Often however, a surgical solution is necessary to correct the problem.  The typical cost of this correction is not very high and can, in many instances run under $1000. The condition is relatively rare, affecting about 1% of all dogs.  Without treatment, the condition can lead to increased eye infections, reduced tear production and increased risk of trauma.

Another health issue can be sinus issues.  Some Puggles inherit their fathers (the Pug) poor breathing abilities, which will occasionally cause them to sneeze or snort in order to clear their sinuses.  While usually not a problem, it can cause an owner some concern when their little snuggler is having an issue.

Finally, some Puggles can get lameness or hip dysplasia.  This condition is most common when the dog gets older or has a history of being overweigh.  The best way to avoid this is to make sure your Puggle maintains a healthy weight (remember those hunger stares!) and is exercised regulary to keep them active.

So, if you are considering a Puggle as an addition to your family, remember that with regular exercise, proper nutrition and regular visits to the vet, you will have a wonderful companion that will be with you for may years to come.  A wise choice indeed!