The Perfectly Imperfect Puggle

Puggles are some of the most lovable dogs out there. They are incredibly loving, smart dogs. They make wonderful family pets, as most puggles will tolerate just about anything (even flying squirrel jumps from crazy 2 year olds). I could go on about all of a puggle’s amazing and perfect qualities, but today I would like to discuss the perfectly imperfect side of puggles. Believe it or not, owning a puggle isn’t all rainbows and unicorns (even though they are unicorns in their own right).

 First, let’s address their food addiction. I have yet to meet a puggle, and I’ve met many, that isn’t completely food obsessed. You may think no big deal, that’s how all dogs are. The thing is, puggles tend to take this food obsession to a whole new level.  Most puggles will stop at nothing to get themselves an extra treat. It is not uncommon for a puggle parent to keep their garbage cans locked in a closet, on the counter, or hidden in a cabinet.  I thought I would be slick and buy a garbage can with a lock on the lid. Let’s just say I still cleaned up garbage all of over my floor that day. Puggles can also be quite daring in their desire to get food. The untrained puggle will have no problem taking food right out of your hand! It is also not uncommon for a puggle to help themselves to any food left unsupervised on the table or counter. If they can get to it, they will. This obsession with food often times leads to obesity for puggles. There is an upside to a puggle’s food obsession though. They quickly learn to do tricks for a treat.

 Another perfectly imperfect trait of the puggle is their tendency to be extremely stubborn. As smart as they are, their stubbornness can interfere with their ability to listen to your commands.  One of the most frustrating aspects of training a puggle is that it will happen on their time when they are good and ready. Want your puggle to do something? Don’t count on it unless they also want to do it. A puggle mostly has the attitude of “I do what I want when I want”. Of course there is a solution to their stubbornness. I hope you guessed food! Want your puggle to be an off-leash kind of dog? Keep treats in your pocket. Treats are always more interesting to a puggle than anything else. See, that food obsession comes in handy!

Puggles suffer from extreme separation anxiety. I’m not talking about your garden varierty greets you at the door with a wagging tail. Like the food obsession, puggles take separation anxiety to level 100. They don’t care if you are gone for two minutes or five hours, you will most likely be greeted with whines, barking, tail wagging, and extreme excitement. For how long does this excitement last you may be wondering. My puggle has gone on like this for 15 minutes before. I’ve done experiments with my sweet boy to see what I can do to get him to calm down faster. So far, I haven’t found the answer. No matter what I do, his excitement level is through the roof for anywhere between 5-15 minutes. Puggles prefer to be in a home where they can get a good amount of attention and aren’t left alone for too much time. They literally thrive on human companionship.

The last perfectly imperfect trait, at least that I can think of, can be either a pro or a con depending on your lifestyle. Puggles can be extremely lazy. Not all of them, and not necessarily when they are puppies, but they generally have no qualms with laying on the couch all day with their favorite human and snuggling. I adore this about my puggle. He doesn’t nudge me out of bed to go out in the morning. He’s not bursting with energy if I don’t get him out much. He’s perfectly content relaxing. Many puggles just aren’t interested in the idea of a bunch of running around. They love to spend time outside, but it most likely will be sunbathing. If you are looking for a running partner, I would suggest starting them young and maintaining a routine. The biggest downside of a puggle’s laziness is when that it is generally combined with food obsession leading to obesity. It is incredibly important to watch how much your puggle eats and ensure s/he gets plenty of exercise.

Puggles are basically the best. They have so many amazing traits. As with any breed of dog, they also have their quirks. Managing the perfectly imperfect side of your puggle can be fairly easy and completely worth it. After all, the love a puggle gives beats any perfectly imperfect trait a puggle could possibly have.