Go fetch!

You want me to fetch what?

Training a Puggle can be quite a challenge.  Anyone that has ever had to deal with the stubbornness of a Beagle or a Pug, will know that the Puggle inherits this trait from both sides of the family.  As with the Beagle, a Puggle may be hearing your commands, but his nose is telling him what to do!  On the other hand, a Pug will simply ignore you unless there is a reward in it for him.

No matter what you are trying to achieve in training your Puggle, the most important thing to remember is that you should make your pet want to please you.  You should NEVER want your pet to obey you out of fear.  Good behavior comes best when an owner and pet have the understanding that there is a mutual benefit involved.

Using positive reinforcement and consistent and repetitive action and reaction will produce the results you desire.  And never forget, your little fur baby is likely to make mistakes from time to time, so having the patience of Job and the wisdom of Solomon will save you a lot of grief down the road.  

One thing you should always remember about Puggles is that they pretty much have a one track mind.  That is, they want food!  So keeping a treat or two in your pocket is a sure fire way to keep their attention.  And keeping their attention is the best way to start getting them to behave to your liking.

I have known a few Puggles in my day.  All in all, I have never really known one that does many tricks other than sit, lie down and maybe an occasional offering of the paw. (All when the owner had a treat in his or her hand.)  So I wouldn’t expect to much.  You have to remember, they weren’t put here on Earth to act like German Shepherds or Border Collies.  They were put here to be cuddle bugs and snugglers, so if you can get them to simply love up on you and give you kisses, you’ve accomplished pretty much all you’re going to get.