Traveling without your Puggle

My wife and I go to visit our grandkids from time to time.  We always look forward to the trip, but it always comes with some trepidation.   Since we have to fly, we can’t  bring along out two dogs, Ditto and Babel.  We have a very close friend who house sits for us, so we know they are well cared for, but I can never really get past the feeling that I am leaving our little first babies in some lonely version of Dantes  Inferno, where they will do nothing but pine away wondering why their Mom and Dad have abandoned  them.  Just looking at their little faces when we pulled away in the Uber was enough to want to cancel the whole trip.

The kids would understand , I reason.  After all, we just talked to them on FaceTime the night before. But our poor abandonded pups don’t  understand that we will be back. They don’t know that we have made arrangements to have them cared for. The hat we left explicit instructions regarding feeding, walks, water changing and of course, and most importantly, administration of treats.

Nontheless, I feel guilty leaving them behind. Especially when we get home and they find out that we went to visit Mickey, our daughters puggle, and their best friend in the the world!  

I can see the look on their little faces when we walk in the door. First it will be jubilation. Mom and Dad do love us! They’ve  come back for Us! 

The tags will wag, the barking, jumping, the accidental peeing on the floor from excitement. Then the nose kicks in.

They smell Mickey and start to give us that look. YOU WENT TO SEE MICKEY AND DIDN’T BRING US!,, HOW COULD YOU??

It will be at short trip, but I am already dreading that moment.

Fortunately, Puggles are very forgiving animals. Maybe it’s  their nature, or more likely, they just have short attention spans.  I know that at the first sign of a treat, all will be forgiven and life will be back to Normal!

Have any traveling stories regarding your Puggle? We would love to hear them! Send us your thoughts, comments or ideas and we will include them on theSeptember pages!


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